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Jun 28, 2006
i am looking for a rifle to start into long range hunting i like the sound of 308 their is alot of info to be found on this calibre also the barrel life is the best i have heard of so far .
anyway can you recomend a good rifle and scope combination game will be up to 300 pounds and maximun distance would be about 600 budget is 5000 dollars for both scope and rifle.
a few i have looked briefly at are hs presision heavy tactical ,accuracy international , and a remington 700 vsf .any comments would be appreciated thanks.
If the rifle is for LR hunting up to ONLY 600 then the 308 will work. However if you are looking past that then you will want a magnum.

IMO the HS Precision guns are way over priced. Lot of quality smiths around that can put a topnotch 308 together for around $2k and even less depending. You have a couple here and the pick any of the "top recommended smiths" from site.

In fact you can go to and find at least 3-5 of these guns for sale every day for $1500-2000 with very low round count. Most of them are from GAP and LSR which are top notch smiths. They also have lots of used Zeiss, Leupolds, USO and Schmidts for sale also at great savings.

The best out of the box gun in 308 right now is the new Savage FT/R in 308 with 30" barrel and it runs $925 from Northlander on This gun was made specifically for the 1000 yard F class shoots and is really accurate and staying with the custom guns for half the price. Most are shooting 1/4 MOA.

Add a 20-30 MOA base and if get the new schmidt and bender scopes that is the top of the pack right now. The new Zeiss conquest is more than enough scope and saves $1500..

Savage FT/R and zeiss cost $1700 and 1/4 MOA. Leaves $3300 for bullets and match fees to learn to shoot distances.

Custom rifle and Schmidt or USO cost $5000 and 1/4 MOA

Other choices

One thing about a budget like you have is you can remain flexable. Another rifle to look at is the Remington 40X Repeater with the 27 1/2" S.S. HB. Cabela's is carrying a few of those. Add to that a Zeiss 6.5X20 with rings and bases and that still leaves you with $2000 to spend. Use that for a Kestral, LRF, Bino's, Spotting scope and hand held computer with Exbal ballistic program in it and your set to 1000 yd using 180 bullets. Very nice setup for a long range starter gun. Plus, if you decide to upgrade later on you won't have a bit of problem selling the Rem 40X.
As I understand it, if you are going to max out at 600 yards, the Savage is a great buy.

If you are looking to reach farther, then that is where the customs come into play with their increased accuracy. .308 really is a 600-800 yard gun max. (I know, game has been taken at greater ranges, but look at the ballistics and you are well under 1000 footpounds at those longer distances. Perfect shot placement will do it, but you have little margin for error.)

At 800 and above, the specialty cartridges come into their own. THEN a custom rifle can really make a difference.

At 800 and above, you need to consider the Magnums, including the .338 Lapua, Remington Ultra Magnums in .300, .338, etc., the big Winchester Magnums, etc.

I WISH I had a $5000 budget for a long range rifle, but alas, mine is considerably less!!

Around here, though, 600 is more mid-range than long range!

Savage FT/R and zeiss cost $1700 and 1/4 MOA. Leaves $3300 for bullets and match fees to learn to shoot distances.


That makes a whole lotta sense. I'd get the FT/R or their McMillan or HS stocked 308. I bet w/handloads you can get it to shoot just as well as those customs. Only thing is I'd put a NF on it.
thanks for all the replys a, in the uk so dont have a great choice of rifles but i like the sound of the hs presision and that is availiable in the you think that would be a good purchase.
You need to speak to Pete Lincoln


If you are UK based then forget about a rifle from the US, too much hastle to import it yourself!!! The HS precision is ok, but for the money I'd want more!!!

$5000=£2500 If I were you I'd see Pete Lincoln of Roedale rifles about a semi custom Howa 1500 and a Schmidt & Bender precision hunter scope. IMHO that would give you the best "bang for buck"

Pete is on holiday for 2 weeks as of tomorrow.
Also Dave Tooley of Tooley Custom Rifles has arrangements to import his custom built rifles into the UK. He also comes over once a year to shoot in the matches.

Dave is one of the best BR and LR smiths around and been doing it longer than most. He is one of the "top recommended gunsmiths" off site.

I would sure get a tooley gun before an HS.

If you are looking for a long range hunting rifle, please look at R.W. Hart and Sons, Inc. Bob Hart is a 4th generation custom gunsmith and is IMO, the best, most accurate custom gun builder you will find. Bob and his family have been building long range rifles and winning 1,000 yard competitions for many years. The National and World 1,000 yard Championships speak for themselves, but in just the last month I have had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with Bob and his family. I also have been witness to the care he puts into his rifles and into shooting. I was fortunate enough to take a deer on a nuissance hunt just a few weeks ago. It was my first long range experience. With a Hart rifle, chambered in .30Hart I was able to make a 1 shot kill on a whitetail doe at 678 yards. What a thrill for someone who had never thought it possible.

If you want a rifle that will shoot well, contact Bob Hart at Robert W. Hart & Son, Inc. 1-800-368-3656 or at
this is the down side of living in the uk got lots of deer but a limited choice of rifles we do have some custom smiths but there guns are way out of my price range.thinking i will probably go with the hs presision.can anyone reccomend any good 308 loads for hunting.thanks
Ven, You are talking 308 for around 600yds this is good for a 308 but what if you want to shoot further in the future? I would recomend a 260 or a 260AI its faster no harder on barrels and a 300 lb animal will be no problem at all I would be fine shooting an elk with it no problem. Just my 2 cents worth
Ven, I would seriously look at having a rifle built by Dave Tooley. He built two of my rilfes and they were awesome. Give him a call. He is a great gunsmith and good guy. The only bad thing about having Dave build a rifle, it takes a long time for him to complete the project. Both of my rifles took Dave 16 months to complete. However, they were both worth the wait. Dave is a busy man, so you must give him time to build your rifle.

Dave built my 6.5x284 and my 338 Yogi. I had to sell both rifles, I miss those babies very much!

I know he goes to the UK a lot. I think he has some connection with Wildcat Custom rifles, and I think they are based in the UK too, I think. He used to have a website, however, it has been down for about three years. If you need to contact Dave, I would call him. Here is telephone number;


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