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    Chris and I are working on a new stick it is gonna be a carry rifle for deer sized game to 750 yards.....

    here's why.....

    Rem 260 142SMK 2850 MV @ 5000ASL 10 mph cross wind
    750 Yards
    Vel Ft. lbs drop MOA Drift MOA
    1942 1189 -125.7 [16.00] -29.3 [3.75]

    300WM 220SMK 2750 MV @5000ASL 10 mph cross wind
    750 yards
    Vel Ft. lbs drop MOA Drift MOA
    1931 1821 -132.9 [17.00] -27.9 [3.50]

    the "little pill" doesn hold the the huge amount of energy that the 220 does but it goes neck and neck every where else....

    1100 lbs of energy is plenty for a deer sized target at 750 yards.....

    I'll post the specs and pics of the rifle when it is done...

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    Mar 13, 2003
    Is this one in addition to the 7wsm or instead of?

    I just ordered the parts for a 7saum project and was looking forward to your results with the 7WSM, i.e. bullets/ velocity
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    This one is in addition to... it will happen quicker than the 7wsm but, I will have results on the 7WSM project in Aug./Sept.