New Rifle for 6 year old !!


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Jan 11, 2005
My son is 6 this year. And he shoots very well with his Rogue chipmunk 22. It fits him very well. I have him hunting with his mom's Model 7, 7-08 with a break in a youth LOP. I bought him a Ruger Compact 308 with the intentions of cutting the stock off to 10.5 LOP and shooting managed recoil loads without a break on the rifle.
But I think I want something else. With a 16.5 length barrel I feel that it will lose too much velocity to be effective past 100 yards and have a serious muzzle blast. I see no difference in the strong blast and a break. I also would like to see 140 grains instead of 125.
With all the different cartridges available I just would like some ideas on something besides 243 308 or 7-08.
Would there be any benefit to building him a rifle in a short mag say 270 wsm. Or 7mm wsm.
What about barrel length and couture I know the popular choice would be #1 or #2 but I was thinking about something with more weight, for recoil purpose if I do some type of WSM. Also is there a stock that will be say 80% of full size not just a cut off stock. I see that Dakota has one that is smaller and I found one in a 260 but I just want to see what my options are.
Has any one here undertaken such a project.
Here is a picture of Him and his first buck. Shot with a GA 300WSM that is as big as he is,at 186 yards that should qualify him for Long Range at his age. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif. I had him on several nicer bucks but the size of the rifle makes it hard on the little guy. Every thing has to be perfect. Something that fit him should make it easier.

James Jones

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Jul 1, 2002
I'm in the process of building my sons first gun its gonna be an Encore in 22 long rifle to get started then a 22" barreled 250 Ackley. I'm making the stock myself it will start out at 9" LOP and have spacers to bring it to 12" at wich time I'll more him up to a custom bolt gun.

If your not going to be having him shoot some realy big critters or shoot at long range then I'd stick to the 7-08 as a max that is realy all the gun any deer hunter in this country needs out to 500yds. And if you don't reload then I'd probably opt for a 243 or 260.
the recoil to us seems like nothing but to sombody that well under 100lbs 10-15lbs of recoil can be uncomfortable.

Now their are several things that I have seen personaly from teaching dozens of kids how to shoot.
1) muzzel blast will scare then alot more than recoil
2) if they are scared or uncomfortable shooting a weapon then they will never shoot it well.
3) if the gun is to big then they will not be comfortable and that leads to poor shooting.

I personaly witnessed a 12yr old girl pass on a 150 class white tail (and thats a MONSTER down here) because she diden't like to shoot the gun she was using which was a 8lb ish 270 win that had a Vais brake on it. Only two people knew that she passed on that deer , me and her , I asked her about it in private later that afternoon when we met back at camp , she said that she was scare of the gun because it was so loud.

so in short I think that if your boy shoots the 7-08 well then leave him with that. a good 120gr Ballistic tip loaded to a modest velocity will serve him well on deer as with the reduced speed the bullet "blowing up" won't be a problem.

J E Custom

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Jul 29, 2004

JD is dead on.

The 7-08 is one of the finest deer cartriges in the world.

Use the 120gr ballistic tip loaded to about 2800ftps,

Try about 47gr of H414 (higer velocity/lower presure)

The 140gr has to much muzzle flash and felt recoil for

If you want to by him a first rifle the 7-08 would be
hard to beat.

You could even look at a 700 rem sa varmint in 7-08 and have someone shorten the barrel & stock to fit.

Find an old stock to cut down and save the standard stock
for later as he grows.

The 7-08 is not a wimp I have taken 400lb hogs ,300lb+ axis
and a lot of dear with one shot kills.

J E CUSTOM /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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Feb 7, 2005
Texas born and raised
I will be quite frank about that little Ruger 308, it will kick the snot plum out of him from the bench. I have one and am not shy of recoil, but I truly detest shooting mine from bags. I haven't gone with the reduced recoil loads so I cannot comment on them.

As far as the short barrel hitting and killing at extended ranges, I can attest to that. I have used mine for hog hunting for the past 4 or more years. It has taken several over 250# and two over 350# with one shot kills out to 400yds. This using standard plain green and yellow Rem Core Lokts. It really pains me to admit, that I just haven't tried hard enough to work up a load for that little pig, but for the price and performance of the Rem ammo, I just shoot it and smile. If you check out the link by my handle, you will see several of the bigger hogs I have taken, and most have that rifle in the pic as well. Trust me when I say, hogs are much tougher to anchor than whitetails. Also did I mention it is loud. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif

I would definately give the reduced load a try but I would if I were you reserve the full loads for jacket weather or put a sand bag between him and the butt.

The rifle is great for stalking and toting around in general, and if he isn't shy about the recoil, then give it a chance. I picked up a Bushnell Banner 3x9 LER scope for my grnadson to use on a Sako 243. You might give one of those a look as well. It might save on cutting the stiock just for scope purposes. The one I got is easily full view from the end of the butt.

Good luck in your selections, I know it is fun to get the kids involved.


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Jun 13, 2007
Wilmington NC
I started my daughters shooting a 7-08 when they were very young.

I contacted Sierra and got them to give me "reduced loads" special for the single shot pistol bullets and using pistol powders. Worked great, recoil was minimal if any and no muzzle blast. The pistol bullets work great at the reduced MV. If I remember right, we ran these around 2000 fps or just over. Not a problem on deer to easy 150 yds.

If you want to cut the stock off, do this first.

Drill 2 1/4" holes in the butt at either end about one inch deeper than the width of the cutoff piece. Go ahead and then make your cut. When they grow back into the gun, you simply use 1/4" dowels to glue the two pieces together and they fit perfectly as the holes were drilled BEFORE cutting the stock. simple refinish and good as new without buying another stock.


biff's reloading

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Jun 12, 2006
whats wrong with the 243 /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif why do deer hunters hate the 243? either that or the 7mm08 that he has been using is perfect for anyone deer hunting, not just wives and kids.

i suggest u dont go bigger than the 7-08, especially up to that 300 u mentioned..... do u not like ur son anymore? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

the 243 and 7-08 can be shot by the youngin with full power (effective) loads without hurting his shooting pride. it only takes one single shot behind a big rifle for a young kid to develop a mental panic. i am proof. its not easy to get past.
i started rifle hunting with an old 110E savage in 243, and still love that chambering. he will too. and its a great varmint gun too. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif


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May 9, 2005
I had bought a Rem 700 mountain rifle 7mm-08 for my son and it has a muzzle brake too. Kicks like a 22 cal but makes lots of noise. Didn't want my son to learn how to flinch, he shoots 25-30 rounds a trip to the range and loves it. He get's sub MOA at 200 yds too and loves shooting the 300 yd 9 in. gong! He's 12 now but wants that gun only for hunting deer antelope and elk. Might be small for elk, but a cow at 100 yds would be a safe shot.