new rifle build


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Mar 14, 2011
i decided im going to start ordering parts for my new build and this is what im planning on, so any input would be great.
Im looking at another 7wsm or 28 nosler or 300 norma. I want to use a 24" barrel cause i dont like the long barrels i know they give some more fps but trying to stay away from the 26". My components would be a Defiance Deviant hunter in a long action, Mcmillian edge stock with a jewel trigger and a proof research barrel carbon fiber. Im stuck on what caliber to do. This is only going to be a hunting gun not a range or target gun. Is it possible to get 2000 rounds out of these calibers i have listed about before barrel is shot and dont want to have to be chasing the lands the whole time im reloading.

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