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Feb 7, 2009
I am new to reloading and am working up a load for a 257 weatherby. I am using barnes 100 gr ttsx, fed 215 and H1000 powder. Barnes load data for TSX is min 68 and max 72. Barnes list COAL as 3.17. I used a hornady lock n load gauge to measure distance to lands. Barnes recommends .05 off lands, which is what I used and is 3.23 for ttsx. This is quite a bit different than the 3.17 - not clear to me if this is my gun or just a ttsx vs tsx difference.

I worked up from min in 1/2 grain increments and got 1 to 1.5 inch groups. I got a 1 inch group at 72 grains and groups tightened to 1/2 inches at 72.5. I got extractor marks on 2 out of 3 shots at 72.5 so didn't go any higher.

I am not sure what to do next. I am assuming 72.5 is too high due to extractor marks. Not sure if I should try something like 72.5 or if I should go back to 72 and play with COAL. If I play with COAL, how much should I change it and which way should I go?



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Mar 2, 2015
Finding a pet load can be a real pain, personally I would back off to 71.5 and do small tier loads of 5 with different oal for each one working back up to your 72 gr load. Most of my guns dont shoot the best at max loadings, and a 257 wby with 110s is smokin already. If you need any more help pm me, i can even give u my number and ill help you on the phone. Have a good day.

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