NEW PRICES!!! Optics for sale: Leupold VX-6, Sig Tango6, Steiner #591 8x30


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Feb 13, 2010

Sig Sauer Tango 6, 2-12x40mm, FFP Illuminated MOA Milling, SOT62001, Like new w/ box, papers, including coupon for Free Ballistic Turret. This scope has been mounted and shot. I won Gordon’s Cold Bore Cup with this scope last year and shot runner up this year. These are rugged instruments with great glass. It’s in lapped and rosin dusted TPS rings now. I’ll pull the rings when it sells. I could easily keep this one. There shouldn’t be any ring marks. If that’s an issue, make your claim to buy stipulating such.

$775 $750 $675 delivered

Steiner Hunting 8x30mm , #591, New old stock, These are identical to the Steiner's Top of the line porro prism Military contract binoculars— not the throwaway the Military-Marine models. You can tell them apart as the flagship Military contract models and the Hunting models have Nitrogen ports. The Military/Marine line does not. Again I can’t keep’em all.

$350 $275 delivered

Link to gallery with more images:[/URL]
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