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May 5, 2009
I'm getting a new AR upper in .223A.I. and am wanting to know if any of you have tried any of the newer powders? Even the not so new ! What I'm looking for is accuracy and speed with 55gr. bullets in a 26" barrel with 1/14 twist. I know Accurate had a blend that would give 3650 fps in a rig like this; but they changed something and it won't do it now. It was very accurate too. I'm thinking TAC, Benchmark or 10X may work;but I sure would like to hear from anyone who has achieved 3600fps accurately with a like barrel set up. Anyone ? What was your load and results? Have you had success with 60s?
Thanks Mark, I have been looking at RL 17; it's a fairly new powder. Are the sticks really short ? I haven't seen anything about that. Trying to get a balance of case capacity and burn rate for the AR platform is tricky ! The search continues but I'll put RL 17 in the mix. Thanks!
Just be reminded that those bolt rifle high pressure loads will beat the crap out of an AR over time.
Thanks, guys, I appreciate the help. I just got home from a "boys day out" where three of us went gun shop smozzing. Two of us found a gun apiece they had been looking for for years. I found two boxes (200) sm. rifle primers. Yipee. One shop "had" the new 8028 but of course, out now. My luck. Oh, and I'm sure my upper builder will admonish me about fast powders in the AR ! Funny think though, 10X did work fine; except it is temp. sensitive so I'm probably going to stay with 2460 in the 20 TAC. I'm kinda wondering why that wouldn't work in the 223AI. Again, I thank you ! Charles
I personally don't think the 223 has enough capacity to get any benifit from reloader 17. Maybe VV530 or VV540.

I tried Re-17 in a 6mmBRX w/o much success.

I am getting better velocity in a 284Win using Re-17 but my extreme spreads are greater too. I think it is oing to be hard to be H4831SC or H-4350.

The 223 needs a faster powder due to its case size. BLC2, W748, Varget, Tac, and almost any of the faster spherical powders.

Nat Lambeth
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