SOLD/EXPIRED New mobile hydraulic lifted tower blind

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    Nov 28, 2012
    This deluxe blind lifts with a hydraulic system and is controlled by remote control by you from the inside. The blind is well insulated from top to bottom . It has a bench for overnight stay and various storage compartments . The batteries inside are charged by a solar panel on the roof. The windows are made of tempered glas and the cylinders to open them are of the highest quality , so you can open them without a sound. There is a 12v outlet inside to plug in a heater or other items. The inside light is led.

    The applications for this hydraulic lifting cabin are endless. It was designend by hunters for hunters.

    Please call us for more info and more pictures.

    619 887 2137


    Max elevated height = 13 feet please call for info

    cabin outside length = 90"

    width = 52"


    cabin inside l = 87"

    w= 49"

    h= 75 "

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