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Mar 8, 2007
I'd like to announce the availability of a new mobile ballistics calculator: MOBALL.


This tool is offered to long range hunters and tactical shooters who need to calculate accurate sight corrections in the field based on current shot conditions. Many of the previously available mobile ballistics programs are not compatible with G7 BC's. This was the main motivation for creating this program. In addition to the G7 capability, this program also allows the user to calculate and correct for the effects of: spin drift, coriolis drift, and multiple winds in up to 3 zones.

The program runs on a Texas Instruments (TI) Voyage 200 graphing calculator. This is not a network device. It's a stand alone unit that can be used as a powerful graphing calculator when you're not using it for ballistics.

MOBALL does not compromise on accuracy. Trajectory output agrees with the trusted online JBM program and the Point Mass Ballistics Solver (PC program included with my book: Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting) to within 0.2" of drop at 1000 yards given similar inputs.

MOBALL is not the only option for calculating ballistics in the field. But for those who don't currently own a cell phone/plan (iPhone, smart phone, etc) which supports any of the existing mobile ballistics programs, MOBALL provides an option that is complete, accurate, and 'un-hooked' from other devices.

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Thanks Michael.

To be precise, the unit weights 13.8 ounces.

No G5, just G1 and G7.

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That thing looks scarrry

It does have a lot of buttons, but you don't need to use them all :D

Here are some screenshots of the input blocks.

These first 3 are the basic (required) inputs:




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These are the optional inputs (you can choose to skip these if you don't want to account for the affects)




And this is the output screen:


There are also 2 basic utility functions. One will help you calculate station pressure from sea level pressure and altitude. The other one helps you calculate a correction factor for your scope adjustment that the solution applies to give you accurate come-ups for your scope.

My goal was to make the program as simple-to-use as possible, while not compromising accuracy and completeness.

Looking any less scarrry now? :)

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It can only run on the units which have enough screen resolution to support dialogue boxes.

I'm sure this includes: TI-89, TI-92/92 plus, and TI Voyage 200.

I'm pretty sure that none of the other TI's have the screen resolution to run it.

If you already have a TI-89, TI-92/92 Plus, or TI Voyage, you can mail it to me and I'll install the program for $100 plus return shipping ($110 total within the US).

Please PM or email me if you're interested and I'll give you my mailing address.

Thanks for the interest,
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