New Mexico stops wolf re-introduction.

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    Older news but interesting;
    From; Lobo Watch - Wolf News

    Friday, June 10, 2011
    State of New Mexico Pulls Out Of Mexican Wolf Re-Introduction Program!

    (pic of kids in a metal cage.)

    The above photo shows what some rural New Mexico residents have had to revert to, in order to protect their children, waiting for the school bus, from ever bolder Mexican gray wolves. On 6-19-11, the State of New Mexico decided they had had enough of this idiocy, and voted to pull out of the Mexican Gray Wolf Reintroduction Program. Following is an e-mail received from LOBO WATCH follower, New Mexico outfitter Jess Carey...

    I would like to report to you; On May 18th, 2011 the Catron County Commission sent a letter to The N.M. Game Commission and Governor Martinez requesting them to remove the State from Mexican Wolf Re-Introduction. Six documents were attached to show the damage the children and folks of Catron County has suffered due to Mexican Wolf Recovery. At the New Mexico Game Commission meeting today, 06-09-11, the Commission voted unanimously to remove the state from Mexican Wolf Re-Introduction. Governor Martinez also supports the state being removed from Mexican Wolf Re-Introduction. Governor Martinez and the Game Commission will be receiving a lot of flack from the pro-wolf supporters and wolf organizations, it is "imperative" that we all send a letter or email to Governor Martinez and each Game Commissioner to support them and thank them for the action they have taken.

    Now the USFWS cannot blame the Game Department on wolf issues, now the USFWS can be held accountable. We want Governor Martinez to take action on documented wolf interaction to remove those wolves. Every wolf livestock depredation and habituated wolf interaction around homes and people needs to be documented.

    Catron County Commissioner Glen Griffin did an excellent job in his presentation to the Game Commission, as did all the folks who spoke against the wolf program. Many could not attend the Game Meeting due to the fire at the Arizona state line.

    You can be assured that the liberal press will only use the same old pro-wolf advocate statements in their paper and make everyone else look bad.

    Please pass this email on to everyone you know and ask them to send a letter or email in support to remove the state from Mexican Wolf Re-introduction.

    Thank you,
    Jess Carey

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    Jan 28, 2011
    One of the quotes Ed Bangs handed out speaking to pro wolf folks comparing the northern and southern wolf "reintroductions": "2 monkeys with a pickup truck and a case of beer could have re-introduced wolves to the northern Rockies". I'm guessing the monkeys maybe got to keep the truck and beer, but I'd sure like to know where the rest of the $60 million went. At least the next time someone talks to me about wildlife expertS, and scientistS being the deciderS in these issues I'll have a response. I could be wrong I need to dig a bit but my understanding is the proposed transplant in Utah will be the Mackenzie Valley version we got. Not the Mexican Gray Wolf. If this happens it won't make a ---- what New Mexico thinks, as this biologic weapon can fired from elsewhere. I did read where the chimp reputed to be Cheetah in the Tarzan films died, so replacing the pick up driver may cost more, on the other hand your January 2012 NRA American Rifleman continues to advertise on page 90, this version of wolf half/half or 3/4 and up. Could be cheaper than sending to Canada. Any guesses where these end up when it's evident they are poor pets????? Also as planned releases prior to the official ones.