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Sep 12, 2009
Edwall, Wa
My son gave me this site after watching the outdoor channel. I have been retired from educational admistration since 2003. I got started in long range varmit hunting in 2001 and have been hooked ever since. I'm in the process of building a new long range rifle for big game. A good friend gave me a Mauser 98 large ring action. I had it heat treated and just ordered a Pac Nor barrel in 338 Winchester Mag . Need to get a stock and scope for it and than on to shooting. My handle is retired2hunt and I live near Spokane WA.
Thanks. One issue is what scope to use I have read articles on long range scopes all the way from Bushnell to Nightforce. I'm leaning towards a Burris
mil dot but according to thier literature the mil dot is set up to go 700 t0 800 yds. I need to keep the price down so any help is appreciated. I have also been looking at those turrets that you can order that are specific to your cartridge.
Welcome to the LRH...

What is your budget for the scope. My personal opinions on the turret question is take the time to have someone teach and show you to use MOA scope turrets. To many variables in the custom turrets IMHO.

Range it...shoot itgun)
Your question will yield a staggering variety of opinions I assure you, but you certainly can't go wrong with your own suggestion of burris. From the sig. select on up you should have a lifetime of use. I too am in the market for another scope, and one that I am considering is the 6-24X50 XTR burris. I just havn't tortured myself with decisions enough yet to decide.

Good luck with your scope searching experience and please post when you have decided.
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I don't disagree with on the turrets I just like something simple ha ha. you know point and shoot and no I don't have the bucks for the Barret system
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