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mike horst

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Dec 12, 2003
Baltimore, MD
Hi folks, I just wanted to introduce myself!
I live in Baltimore, and have a hunting camp in northcentral PA. I am currently a short range guy, but want to learn about long range hunting. I have observed several hunters who hunt long range near our camp, and would like to expand my hunting opportunities. Any help or advice is much appreciated! I currently have a couple of 30-06 rifles; one remington mountain rifle and a sporterized mauser 98. I am a member of delta peachbottom range, but have heard that there are some longer ranges within an easy drive of my home. Thanks in advance!
Welcome Mike,
These guys are very knowledgable as well as helpful, very good board to frequent.
Do archive searchs and you will find tons of quality info, but don't be afraid to ask either.
Good luck and get out your wallet
Hi Mike,
I'm from north central PA. I have found a few areas that up to 1200 yards of coverage can be had. But most uninhabited gullies/hill sides I have hunted top out at about 8-900 yards. Have to go further south for the super-long desolate hill side shots. Anyway for this area in my opinion a 300 Rum with a bipod is just the ticket. Took 2 doe this year one at 375 and one at shot kills with witnesses, what a rush.
Good luck.
mike horst:
Hello, Fare warning this sport is addictive.
Sold my Harley Softail to finance this sport,
Money well spent though. GooD luck.
Try a 300 WSM it'll reach pout and touch stuff.
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