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    Jun 17, 2011
    I bought a new Tac-15 a few months ago and am having a few issues getting it tuned right.
    First off I never got any tuning manual or any paperwork with my bow. I tried the PSE web site and could not find any downloads for tuning a Tac-15. Does anyone have a download link for the tuning manual for this bow?

    Second, I want to paper tune the bow and shot a Bare (no vanes) arrow through paper and got some tearing of the paper. Below are some pictures of what is happening. Please lend your advice if you don't mind. Thanks so much in advance for your help...

    The top hole is point blank range. the bottom left hole is 2yds. The bottom Rt hole is 3-4 yds.


    On this picture I had backed up to 7-8 yds. The tearing seems kind of extreme.


    Can anyone tell by these pictures which way I need to move the Wisker Biscuit?

    Thanks again,
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    Jun 16, 2011

    Attached is the tuning information page. You can contact PSE to obtain a copy of the DVD and pamphlet that comes with the crossbow.

    I'm not sure what method you're using when tuning in your crossbow, but I'd advise you to use a rest, make sure the bow limbs are perfectly level before each shot and use minimal pressure in your grip when shooting to avoid any torque during the shot.

    Good luck and hopefully the attachment will help tune you in.


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