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Larry K

Apr 3, 2018
Milwaukee, WI
Hi everyone! I've been reading and learning here for a while and thought I'd join to add what experience I have. I have spent 20+ years whitetail hunting in Wisconsin and have been shooting even longer but never had much reason to shoot past 100 yards in the woods I typically hunted. I started getting more interested in longer range shooting preparing for a CO elk hunt I did with my dad a couple of years back. Based on some of the tips I found here I was able to get pretty comfortable from a few positions out to about 400 yards, but I'm getting the itch to stretch out farther, especially since I've found some hunting spots with longer open fields. I enjoy reloading shotshells for my trap and sporting clays shooting but haven't made the leap into reloading rifle cartridges yet.


Well-Known Member
Jun 6, 2016
The best place that I know of near you would be highlands training and firearms in cascade wi.
They have a longrange range. They also hold competitive shoots there, like prs ones. I' give them a call and see when they have an open range day and such to stretch out your shooting.
You don't need to wanna compete to find out about range use.


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