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    Oct 21, 2013
    Hey guys,

    So, I built this rifle: Badger M2008 action (updated bolt), Bartlien 26" SS 308 Win 1/11.5", Bartlien 26" SS 260 Rem 1/8.5", both barrels chambered by Rick Beginski (check out 6mmBR), AICS 2.0 Chassis fitted by GAP Precision. Both barrels are fitted with Surefire stainless muzzle breaks. Action & .308 barrel are olive Cerakote, .260 barrel is black Cerakote. It has the awesome Jackson M21 trigger, an Atlas V8 & BT19 and a Leupold MKIV 6.5-20 Tactical.

    I got it all built and then I had a stroke! Now I want to sell it (need funds to paint my race car which I can use), but I don’t have any sample targets to show prospective buyers. So I’m looking for a local former 0317, 8541 or 11B/B4 to get me some groups to show the rifle’s proper potential. I’m just east of Seattle.

    If you qualify (plan on showing me your DD214) please send me a PM. I guarantee that you will have fun and it won’t cost you anything.