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    Feb 13, 2011
    Would just like to start of by saying hey to everyone here. Well I have been hunting and fishing all my life but buddy bought him a remington VTR in .308 cal. I liked they way it shot pretty cheap to shoot and hardly in recoil. I have always hunted with my .270, 30-06, or my 7mm rem mag. And just used it as an excuse to by another gun. Bought a rem 700 5R in .308 and love it. I have shot it out to 400yds ill post a pic of the group when i figure out how to post them on here. Need more scope now been looking at reviews just dont know what i want or need to get, sure of one thing though the wife wont be pleased! Right now i have a 6x18-40 VXII leupold on it, but no mil dots etc. so scope is limited at ranges i want to shoot. But i can tell yall this the long range bug has got me now and it a whole nother ball game compared to deer hunting in the woods where i hunt 200yds is a long shot at a deer lol. Well hope to learn somethings on here from everyone and yall take it easy.
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