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Oct 3, 2009
Northeast MS
Hi guys, just wanted to properly introduce myself. I am MSLRhunter, my name is Jimmy and I live in the northeast part of MS. I am a pharmacist just so I can afford my hobbies. I am 34, married for 10 years with 2 beautiful little girls who also love the outdoors.

I have deer hunted all my life here in MS with bow, gun, and muzzleloader, while also chasing doves, turkey, and doing a little fishing. I have deer hunted in 4 other states, but have not yet taken that dream hunt out west for elk and mule deer.

I started getting interested in long range shooting and hunting for several reasons: I love the rifles, I had just recently starting reloading, and many of the spots that I hunt here the potential for up to 800 yard shots.

So, I usually spend about an hour or two here every night just soaking in all of this information. I do more reading than posting, but as I learn more and more about our favorite past time, maybe I will have some wisdom to pass on.

So, thanks to all of you guys that answer posts from us new guys and make us feel welcome, and thanks for your patience for us asking some of the same questions over and over.

I hope everyone here has a safe, happy, and prosperous year in 2010.
MSLRhunter, Jimmy,
Welcome to LRH. This is an awesome site, I am sure you will enjoy it a lot. There is a ton of useful info shared every day. It has been very useful for me, hope it is very useful for you too.
Good luck, take care, and shoot and hunt safe.gun)
One more thing it is very addictive:D:D:D
Hey everyone my name is Wiley Coleman Hardwick but everybody calls me Cole I live in Star, MS but have a Florence address and I have been hunting since I was about 4.
MSLRHunter, welcome, glad to have you here. Lots of good folks and lots of good info. Enjoy.
LordScythe, welcome, glad to have you here. lots of good folks and lots of good info. Enjoy.
Welcome aboard from NW Ohio
Hope you have the oppertunity to learn as much as I have. A lot of good info here and many ways to spend your money on this awsome sport.
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