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    Jan 5, 2011
    Hi everyone,
    My name is Vern Baldwin and I am new here. Been hunting all my life...bowhunting that is until my brother started me into long range shooting. I have a 270 win model 70 with a weaver scope I got several years back as a package deal. Started shooting out to 300 yards last year with good results...reloading also started by my brother...he is to blame for all this expense...hahaha. I went back to 800 yards so far and found my scope was off, adjusted and can hit 8 inch pie plate at 800 yards...not bad for me.
    My wife bought me a DPMS 6.5 creedmoor this last october and I love it...bad shoulder hampers me from shooting guns that kicks like a mule. I am shooting less than 2 inch groups at 300 yards and want to start reloading using the nosler Accubond 130 grain bullets...any help with these reloads would be much appreciated. Also, what kind of accuracy can I expect from this set up? I have a Bushnell 4200 elite tactical 6X24x50 scope mounted on a 20MOA base for some extra yardage. What do you guys think of this setup?
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