New LR Convert to Specialty Handguns


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Nov 24, 2008
SW Montana
I have been watching and reading all I can on you xp-100 guys and it has got my interest peaked. I fondled an xp-100 for the first time yesterday and my mind is really cranking because I can not pack my 13lb LR rifle into some of the areas I have found during bow season but I could pack a specialty pistol without any problem. I have to finish my rifle project first before the next project starts so for now I have to watch with interest and a little bit of envy.:D
It really shows in the video you like converting the lost.


I have hunted with Gregg in Gilette Wyoming at the Durham Buffalo Ranch. It was with Handgun Hunters International, their yearly antelope hunt. I took the second largest antelope that year, and shot him at 429 yds with a TC/ Contender in SSK's 338 JDJ using 180gr. Ballistic tips. I had the gun sighted in at 300 yds. and had my chart that showed it dropped 16 inches at 400 yds so a little hold over and dropped him. My longest big game kill so far.
Gregg is the organizer of the yearly hunt. I attended 2 yrs in a row and had a great time both years. There was a lot of land to find the antelope of your dreams.
Does Gregg post on this site?
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