New Long Range hunting spot for Predators

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    Oct 19, 2011
    Man , I've been busy all year scouting out spots to hunt and trying to arrange for a few landowners to give me access to their property for eliminating hogs and yotes .. I been trying out the new Assassinator light from [FONT=Times New
    Roman]Hogheaven Outfitters [/FONT]
    too. It's awesome , lights up to 500 + yards on the Ranch. I'm fixin to get ready on another night hunt with the Assassinator light for hogs, and I'll be using the
    Sassy Sow Juice too. Let me say this, I sprayed it around our baited site and trap; make dang sure the wind is blowing away from you, when you put this stuff out! If you don't you'll be driving home with all the windows down ,,,,,lol Some of these shots are 500 yards + and I'm fixin to start making some longgggg shots.... A new challenge for me for sure. I got a 308 Savage Model 10 W/ 4 to 16 X scope, using the Hornady 165 gr GMX Bullet for starters . :) I'll post more pictures, this is a pristine Texas Ranch with the same Family running it for over 100 years.....

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    Sep 20, 2005
    from a Texas boy at heart: I look forward to your reports.