New Kahles K624i Left Side Windage


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Jan 30, 2015
The new Kahles K624i with left side windage are in production and arriving at your favorite dealer!

Standard windage models ARE STILL available to suit your preference.

What makes this feature so unique is that a right handed shooter has all primary controls in view (windage, elevation, and parallax) from firing position and no longer has to break stock weld to check or verify the windage setting. Combine the left side windage with the top mounted parallax, and the Kahles K624i has the most ergonomic controls in the industry. Everything is easily manipulated with the support side hand while view of the target is maintained through the scope.

Reticles available with matching turrets are: MOAK, SKMR, SKMR2, SKMR3 (details to be released Jan 2016), MSRK, and AMR.

Contact the fine folks here on to order your Kahles today.

Have a great New Year!


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The SKMR 3 reticle was just released this morning. Take a look:


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