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Oct 23, 2003
I have been reading a lot of good info. on this sight so I decided to post. I enjoy shooting and I have a few different rifles such as; a new SIG STR .308 and I just had a .243AI (1 in 10 twist) built on a 700 action using a very heavy SF Hart barrel. My intentions of the .243AI was long range shooting but I think I should have built a 6-284 instead. I'm using the Barnes XLC 95 grain bullets in the .243AI and so far I've had good results. I have never shot past 600 yards but I would like to find out what the rifles are capable of doing. Maybe I can attend one of the matches I read about here. Anyway...thanks for all of the info.
Welcome aboard! Good place to be, lot of good info and generally level headed people except for myself. I lose my mind at random times...usually when these fellows show pictures related to the craft.

I have a 6/284, It is basically the same velocity that you get with the 243AI...6/284 just tad faster...

The key for my rifle is to push Berger 105's at about 3150fps. Groups in the low teens, know problem. R22 works great...

Wyoming Whishper is reporting the same results with a 6mmAI.

You should give it a try. Just remembered, you barrel is a 1:10...It may not stabilize the VLD bullets...I would still try though.

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I've heard a lot about the R22 powder but I have never used it. I load IMR 4350 right now and it does ok but I am willing to try the R22. My rifle seems to like the 95 grain Barnes XLC bullet but it doesn't like the 107 SMK's. It may like the 105 Berger because the 100 grain Sierra SP works well. Is the .243 AI capable of 1000 yards?
I shoot a 6 AI using 105 Amaxes powered by RL 22 at 3100+ and I dig it. I have not shot mine at 1K as here in the flat tree land where I am is "distantly challenged" (like that word?, I just made it up) But I have shot a factory .243 with the same combo at 1k that convinced me to try it... Both Rifles have std factory twist of 1:9&1/8 and the Amax performed well.

Oh to be back on the open plains......


What velocity are you getting out of the 106 grain bullets? My barrel is 1-10 twist so it may not like the load but I will try it anyway.
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