New guy

Aug 20, 2018
Broken Arrow Oklahoma
Live in Tulsa County in Oklahoma. Retired/disabled. Retired from army reserves. I was very active in shooting at one time, mostly AR platforms. Trained with the M16 for 25 years, so naturally I've had a couple of AR's in civilian life, both with match barrels. One iron sights, one scoped, both tack drivers. Went through a dry period of shooting for a number of years. Would only shoot in Louisiana (my home state) at a very well organized rifle range in West Monroe. Let my gun club membership lapse in Okla, so it was hard to find a place to shoot with a limited budget. Back into shooting. Found a couple of local ranges. Have 2 new bolt guns. Learned the hard way not to trust the manufacturers when buying a rifle/scope package. They were not mounted properly, nor torqued down. Wasted some ammo. Never had that problem with an AR platform rifle. I'm a newby here, so I will ask dumb questions. I'm old enough to where little embarrasses me. Used to shooting within 300 yds. Would like to do some deer hunting this year in OK. Haven't known where to hunt, but I now have a lifetime license. Want to also try hog and predator hunting. In addition to my .223/5.56 bolt gun, I have a 6.5 CM. Love it, easy on my shoulder, but I need to fine tune my zero and find the ammo my rifle prefers. Sorry this is "long winded". Will think of questions later.

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