New guy to reloading, need some help.


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Feb 12, 2021
Upstate SC
I am trying to begin testing my hand at reloading. Will be focusing on 7mm-08 development. I just finished my bench and set up my MEC Marksman. I was also starting to test out my RCBS Uniflow powder dispenser. I took it apart and cleaned it as described in the instructions. Re-assembled and attached the handle. The problem I am having is It is taking a significant effort to move the dispenser. I ran some powder thru it since I thought it would help in possible lubrication but it did not help. I have seen from videos it looks like it should take very little to move the dispenser up and down for the charge. Hoping the LRH community can provide any insight into what I could be doing wrong.

Since I have not even made my first cartridge, I am sure there will be many more questions in the near future.
I never tried moving it. The first thing I did was read the instructions the dis-assembled and cleaned. then re-assembled and attached the handle for the first time. Since then I have taken it apart and put it back together 3 different times but it is always hard to move.
I have the powder adjustment facing down and lift it to the top to dispense it. Did not know there is an up side down. I moved the powder adjuster to numerous positions to see if it made any difference but to no avail.
Either there is a malfunction when you put it back together or its defective. If the latter is the case, RCBS will make it right. That is a good powder dispenser and will last a lifetime.