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Mar 29, 2023
Just dropping a thread to introduce myself. I found LRH when looking for resources regarding reloading some less common cartridges and thought I'd join up and see if I can both learn, and contribute a bit. I'm an old guy, who has been shooting for essentially my entire adult life. I collect guns, but I don't collect collector guns... If I own it I shoot it.

As to interests related to "Long Range Hunting" I've been shooting mid-range (dynamic from 250-700yds) rifle matches recently, enjoying that, and I'm starting to look more seriously at either buying or building a long range gun. When I say "long range" I mean 1000y and possibly playing working on 1 mile against steel (there is at least one spot near me where this can be done safely). No - I'm not building a 408 Cheytac competition gun. etc. That would be wasted on me at this point... I'm guessing I'll end up with something like a Bergara HMR Pro in 7mm prc or maybe .300 prc - and if / when I can honestly say that I believe that the gun / cartridge is responsible for more of the group size than I am - well then I'll move up from there - but I'll guess it will be a while before I get there.

Anyway - looking forward to plugging in here.
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