New guy here


Aug 1, 2021
Hello from another new guy here and former 1371. I bounced between CEC (as it was at the time, may be 3rd CEB again?) and 2nd CEB from the mid/late 90s to early 00s. How about you?
+The 1ST Marine Brigade at KBay with 1ST CmbtEngr BLT, also was attached to the 1ST ACBLT during my first hump, second hump was 4 great years at Marine Barracks Subic Bay,a couple of floats on the USS Tarawa


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Mar 20, 2021
Campbell river BC Canada
Just joined up, and already can tell yall are a sweet bunch of shooters. Former 1371 Marine, seems like I have spent more then half my life working in the sandbox running dfacs and ramp ops for OIF/OEF, also worked a few years in the remote oil fields of far east Russia,( lots of Mosin hunters over there). Was really into buying/selling and collecting rifles, but as I aged I have been thinning out my babies, down to I think about 80 or so, and will sell at least half of those over the next few years..Im retired in Seattle( good grief Charlie Brown), looking at buying some land in Idaho or se Mo., or Alabama, WA state is just gotten insane these past 4/5 years, I dont even recognize it anymore. I live for the fall hunts, missed all of last year due to the rona and a knee replacement, will be heading down to my buddies farm in the Boot Heal of MO for hogs and whitetails, he also drew a black bear tag, also turkeys are rife on his land. Shoot a lot of 300 win mag, but the past few years my shoulder just hurts to much, stepped down to a 7mm Rem Mag, and even that might be a bit much, I have fallen in love with a little 6.5 Grendel, took 2 big fat does 2 years ago, was amazed on how well it shoots ( CZ 527 Lux/American)..ok yall carry on..hunting season is just around the corner SEMPER FI
Your going to have fun here man welcome welcome from the west coast of British Columbia Canada and my island hahaha