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    Jan 8, 2011
    Hello all,
    My name is Casey, I am very interested in long range hunting and target shooting. I have been doing a bit of reading, and researching around this forum and a few others out there.
    I just started building a .338 Edge going to try to do all of the smith work myself since I have a lathe and have already turned out some suppressor parts. Learning as much as I can before I start touching the barrel, bolt or receiver. I may just end up ordering a pre-chambered barrel and doing the headspacing on my own.
    I have done quite a bit of searching on here and there are some things I can't seem to locate, like trim to length for brass, best barrel contour, minimum barrel contour, What is the normal/best number of grooves and whether 1:9 or 1:10 is the best twist rate.
    Thanks in advance everyone!