New guy from Georgia.

You should be teaching us then. I spent way too much of my adult life at the FT Benning schools. Started there and finished there (30+ years).
Ft. Benning has a lot to offer soldiers in the realm of professional development. If there is anything I could ever help with I will be happy to. When it comes to reloading, I have great mentors and teammates to turn my questions to. Like marksmanship, there is never “the way” but only “A way” and many ways are learned through experienced mistakes. All which are valuable!
I am loading "precision" 223 right now for my bolt rifle PRS trainer. 75 ELDMs with TAC and Wolf small rifle primers on a Dillon 550. No issues hitting PRS size targets to 800 yards (1 MOA sized). These are loaded "long" to fit into a 223 Wylde chamber and AICS style magazines. Need fast twist for the heavier, longer, high-BC 223 projectiles. These obviously will not fit into the AR mags. You could load these on single stage with weighed charges of Varget, etc. but I like the Dillon 550 for practice ammo.
I do not claim to be a reloading expert by any means. Hornady has a great podcast (#50, #54?) that discusses how they develop loads.

PRS Tactical Class dictates for 223 max bullet weight and max velocity. TAC meters like flour in a Dillon press powder drop. There is a world of online load data for 223, etc. (use caution but you can tell the knowledgeable pretty quick). That led pretty quick to a 75ELDM over TAC powder in a 223 case. I loaded 75 ELDM over TAC from 24 to 25 grains to find a load that was close to 3000 fps. Once I got close to my velocity goal I tried in .2 increments until I got acceptable load. I do not adjust seating depths (heretic) - just needs to meet mag length and fit into the chamber.

Note - there are gas gun loads vs bolt rifle loads (higher pressure) plus 556 vs 223 loads (556 higher pressure).

I approach 65CM, 6Dasher, and 6BRA the same way.
I recently learned about this place from a mentor of mine. I’m a life long learner on most things in life that involves working with my hands or research/data based. Due to my love for data, reloading is something that I’m very interested in! I’m not sure where to start when reloading 5.56/.223 for precision. I’m currently operating out of a semi auto and want to buy single stage press/equipment that I can grow with as experience increases. I’m currently a Marksmanship instructor for soldiers, increasing lethality amongst the force is truly a passion of mine.

Thank you again for allowing me to join the community.
Welcome from neighbor to the west.

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