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    May 2, 2014
    Hey everyone, My name's Ron I'm 29 from central New York. I've been shooting rifles now for about 18 years, I started out with a 35 whelen in a ruger m77 mkII (not much of a long range weapon in my hands). I always found myself taking my dads 7mm rem mag hunting. I served 5 and a half honorable years in the U.S.Army when my time was up I bought a 7mm of my own a Winchester model 70 a pencil thin barrel couldn't get much over 3000fps out of it but my smith got it to shoot 140 sierras into a best group of .505 and avg. under .75 at 100 yards. Don't really have a range to shoot much over 300 yards but on my uncles farm we can stretch it out to about 500. I don't have much long range experience, but I've got an itch to have a custom rifle made I am thinking a 7mm stw. I am researching builders right now which is what led me to this site, so far I seem to think I'd like it build on a 700 action. Any help or input on a custom builder that works with the 7mm stw would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.