New Gun For Wife.

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Dec 9, 2020
Social Circle, GA
The choice of weapon she chose is Savage lady hunter. Now the caliber is up to me,.

She owns a Ruger #1b in 25-06 that she shoots well. but its shot out and going to be rebarelled . again in 25-06 she loves it and has dropped a 2 antelope and wont give it up.

My choices of calibers or are 6.5 creedmoor . 260 rem . 7mm-08.

The purpose of the gun is mainly antelope , whitetail, mule deer. once in awhile coyotes, Maybe a black bear hunt someday.

We reload so that's not a problem. What are your thoughts ?lightbulb
Jill is 5' 10" 120lbs and shoots everything we own from pistols, shotgun, and rifles. Her main rifles for Deer or larger .243 Remington Mountain DM with a Bell & Carlson stock. Nice Light weight. The a .260 Cooper, (little heavier) then a 270 WSM Kimber Montana Kevlar -super light.
Get you wife a 260 in a mountain rifle. She can hunt just about anything in NA except Griz or Polar and reloading 6.5 you have so many choices in bullets depending on the twist rate.