New gear

7mm Rem Mag

Rogue Action ( R BROS ACTION)

Broughton LWLR Contour, 27" Fluted, 1-9 Twist

Manners EH-1, 13.5" LOP, 3 studs

BDL Bottom Metal

20 MOA Alum Rail

Jewell Trigger

Saddle Cheekpiece

3 Port Brake

NF 5.5-22x50 MOAR-T w/zero stop

NF UL Rings
I have the sky 7400 and approach bag. I love them. They extremely light weight and super tuff. Have used them on 2 wyoming elk hunts and they will be going with me
On a dall sheep next August in yukon. Kurts customer service Is second to None as well. They r very water resistant so
I pack stuff in dry bags and just use a rain cover in a heavy down pour.
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