New from Virginia


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Sep 27, 2018
Richmond VA
Hello. Long time lurker but have recently bought some new rifles and hope to participate in some discussions. Grew up and still live on the family farm in southeastern VA so guns were just a normal part of life on the farm. My Dad had his 2 shotguns and one rifle hanging on a wall rack above the TV for as long as I can remember. Most of my long range hunting is crop damage control of Whitetail deer. Most of my guns are safe queens ranging from 17 Hornet up to 7mm Rem Mag. Recently got both a Sauer and a Bergara in 6.5CM. I also enjoy paper punching with a Savage F class 6mmBR but never have competed. Purchased the Bergara with the intention of getting a suppressor for it. Unfortunately, despite living in the country, too many city folk have moved within earshot of my farm and at least one has complained about my target shooting.

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