new from Virginia (backstrape)


Jan 30, 2015
My name is Dan. I'm 41. married with 5 kids the oldest is Danielle 14 that has killed 2 elk 2 bear and alot of whitetail is Harvey 12 has killed 1 elk. 1 mule deer with his bow. 2 bear.alot of deer and is Corbin he is 11 killed 1 bear alot of deer and turkey. He thinks he is going to tag out in montana this year with his bow.ha ha. But it keeps him practicing. Next is Meagan 9 loves to is Cassie 7 she loves to go shoot 3d with you have it. we are a close family. No TV or computer in our home. I'm doing this on my phone . I'm not a computer person. But I love reading the information on this forum. We love custom rifles.and being out west. We spend about 12 weeks a year out there something we take our horses and pack in with the family. About myself I'm a contractor. Build custom homes.and live and dream hunting and shooting. Bow or gun.