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Jul 17, 2015
I'm sure some of you western hunters are saying, Vermont? To thick and wooded to shoot long range! But you would be wrong. I live on the western border with NY, near Rutland. We have lots of dairy farms, lots of "horse" people, and lots of hay fields. When the deer come out to feed at dawn and dusk, you could easily shoot at one 500-800 yardsaway, possible longer. We also have lots of steep, hardwood hills. You could possible shoot across valleys even farther.
I am no expert, my longest shot on a deer was probably 300 yards across a open, marshy beaver pond. I use a Ruger model 77, ss with the boatpaddle stock, 3x9 Leopold scope, in handloaded 30-06 cartridges. I also do some woodchuck shooting with a Ruger American in. 223.

Holy Moley

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May 8, 2014
Welcome rusticbob. I live in your neighboring State to your East. I agree, there is some opportunities for long shots in our area. I use a 30-06 most of the time also.


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