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    May 3, 2001
    In a mid-year introduction, Barnes Bullets has announced the availability of four new Triple-Shock X-Bullets. These 100-percent copper bullets are famous for their deep-driving penetration and double-diameter expansion while retaining virtually 100 percent of their original weight.

    The new Triple Shock X-Bullets include a 150-grain 7mm boattail to complement the 120- and 140-grain boattail and 160-grain flat-base bullets already in the 7mm Triple-Shock lineup.

    To meet popular demand, Barnes has also introduced a 165-grain .30-caliber Triple-Shock boattail.  Other .30-caliber Triple-Shock bullets include 130-, 150-, 168- and 180-grain boattails, and a 200-grain flat-base design.

    Big-game hunters now have 9.3mm 250-grain and 286-grain Triple-Shock bullets to choose from. Both feature flat-base designs.

    These latest additions to Barnes’ growing family of Triple-Shock X-Bullets are available for shipping now.