New from AZ


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Oct 31, 2009
Hey all,

New guy here from AZ. I will admit I am really an archer more than anything else, but I a have been thinking of doing a long range hunting rifle build and this site was recommended by several fellow hunters.

Look forward to doing some research and getting tips/advice from some of you experts out there.

Welcome, I'm pretty new to the site also and haven't done a lot of posting, but man is there some good info to be read on here. Where are you in AZ? I just moved to the sierra vista area from Colorado. So far it's a good place to be.
There are also good forums here about long range hunting with a bow. Maybe we can all learn some tips from you also. Welcome to LRH.
Thanks for the welcome folks!

Lucas, I am up in Prescott Valley, a little over an hour north of Phoenix.
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