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    Nov 5, 2012
    A little about me:
    Grew up in the Midwest state of Illinois, spent 6 years in US Navy and came down to Atlanta, GA in 98. Wanted to hunt large game when I did a stint out in CA so I got the only LR/T rifle that I own back around 99-200. I'm part of a hunting club that hunts on 350+ acres in south GA and mainly take deer, wild boar.

    Funny thing about me was I didn't start hunting until 2001 because CA hunting was 4-5K for the game I wanted to kill, so I spent a lot of time reading, and talking with a local gunsmith and got to the range to become competent with my rifle. I shoot sub .5" groups with 180 grain and sub .75" with 200 grain. Nosler Partitions. It's overkill for the hunting I do but I've taken deer out at 350 and I'm looking at getting into:

    Hand-loading for this, my .44 mag and .40 s&w
    Long Range Hunting out to 1000+ yards and shooting out to 1 mile plus.
    Getting a couple more guns: NOTE: This is how I found you with a wealth of opinions and information on .338 lapua and other cartridges I've had my eyes on.

    I look forward to being a member at this site!