New Factory Rifle Advice


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Oct 7, 2012
Windsor, VA (but heading for the Rockies)
I have purchased my very 1st brand new in the box factory 300WM. I don't intend on putting a round thru it until I've taken every step that I can to make it as accurate as possible. I don't expect miracles but do want to be very accurate all the way to 1000+.

That being said, I don't have a big budget, hence the factory rifle. I know there are going to be several 'you should have just saved your money and done a custom build' but unfortunately that was not feasible right now. This is my starting point, modifications and improvements will come in the future in bits and pieces, but this is a good base to start with.

So.. any recommendations and direction would be appreciated.

Here's what it's got..

26' floated, fluted, button crown 1:10, #2 or #3 contour medium heavy barrel
laminate stock, monte carlo cheek, 13.25 lop, unbedded
fluted, three lug, 60 degree bolt
synthetic dbm, not pillared

I'm not mentioning the brand because I'd like impartial advice aimed at pretty much any new good quality factory rifle.

I'll be picking it up when I get home from Afghanistan, so there's time to get done whatever needs to be done.

I appreciate the help.



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Sep 20, 2005
Central AZ
I wouldn't spend any $$$ that I don't have to spend. See how she shoots and then go from there. Some rifles are tack-drivers right out of the box. Make sure you follow a good barrel cleaning/break-in proceedures on the barrel. Lots of different views on this, but generally shoot one & clean works well for first five shots or so. then shoot 2 & clean. then shoot 5 & clean, etc. Custom barrels take about 20 roubds. factory barrels need more.

Derek M.

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Jul 12, 2004
I know of only one brand that has an accu-trigger. I don't know of anyone else that offers such a trigger. If it is the anonymous brand I think it is, I also heard they come with button rifled barrels. You may just want to shoot it as is and see what it does. You may be surprised.

Each barrel is different no matter where it came from. I've seen hand lapped expensive match grade barrels that took a long *** time to break-in where velocities and copper fouling settled down. In contrast I've heard about some Savage rifles cleaning up very quickly, as an example.

For me, if the barrel is hammer forged, I'm cleaning after every shot for 20, then after every 5 for whatever else it takes. If it is a button rifled barrel, like on a Savage, it will likely be much less cleaning.


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Nov 20, 2011
philipsburg pa
plus 3 on the shoot it first and see how it does,i just bought my dad one of those in left hand,I have only shot it at 100 yards but it shoots 1/2 groups right out of the box after barrel breakin,good luck with your new gun.