New entry level 6.5 prc


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Jan 2, 2020
Central Michigan
Well I was going to ask on LRH thoughts on mossberg patriot LRH, CVA cascade, savage tactical 110 and Winchester xpr. But it came down to cost and a search on here as I was time limited when guns I was looking at were disappearing from available to out of stock. Winchester has a holiday rebate so for $444 after rebate a xpr will be on its way in who knows when. I really liked the patriot in bronze cerocoat but cheap ones were gone leaving a few at almost $600. The savage was promising with a heavy barrel under $600 but I wasn't happy with qc on recent savages so... Now trying to get ammo and or brass is next to impossible. Hopefully I can shoot some late season does. I will probably have to have a 6mm prc too as I'm probably done with 243.

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I have an as new Mauser M 18 with dies and 40 cases for sale.

Far better rifle than any you mentioned.

PM me.


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