new custom rifle, suggestions



hi new member to the board but been reading it for long time. i currently am shooting a 22-244AI for varmints and long range. i enjoy shooting it.the setup is: remington 700 trued, shilen #4 1-8twist, hs precision sporter stock, leupold scope. anyways i have been working my tail off gettin 30hr week at mcdonalds. i bought my self a used Remignton 700 VSSF in 22-250 for the action. been shooting it at the local varmints.. i am sighted in from 100yds to 825yds. i want to build a custom (heavy) rifle off this action.
my only problem is i cant make up my mind. one day i want a 6.5-284 next i talk to the gunsmith about 6/284 then he tells me about his 243imp. my mind is storming. after i made my mind up on 243imp i read the latest varmint hunter magazine with the guy who had the 338/416imp. all i know right now is i want to shoot 1500yds with out discomfort. i would like to shoot heavy vlds such as sierra matchkings. and if the caliber allows some A-max bullets (if availible). any suggestions on caliber,barrel length,stock would be great. thanks. also the optiks i have chosen will be 8.5-25x LR leupold until i have the money to upgrade to nightforce. thanks, and i apoligize for the long post.
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