SOLD/EXPIRED New Custom Accurate Ordnance 300WM w/NightForce


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Aug 10, 2014
Marietta, GA
Looking to liquidate. I posted it for sale on a local forum yesterday, but I figure this type of rifle is better fitted to be sold here.

Up for grabs is a brand new, never fired, custom Accurate Ordnance 300WM with brand new NightForce Scope. No expenses were spared, and It took a very long time to have this rig built.

Why I had it built: I had it built because I wanted the ultimate long range precision hunting rifle for hunts in Alaska. I sourced only the best of the best parts, and being exposed to Alaska weather, I wanted everything I need in stainless steel.

I wanted a benchrest 3/8” MOA “sniper rifle” in a bit more of a traditional hunting rifle platform rather than tactical. Which is the main reason why I opted for a BDL instead of a detachable mag. Though, I guess it still looks pretty **** tactical lol. This rifle is suited for long-range hunting, and I could not think of a more capable rig than to have Accurate Ordnance in Winder GA custom build one.

I started buying all the parts needed fall of last year. I bought the best of the best, and stored them until I had everything I needed. A lot of the parts had 2-6month lead times, but I was in no rush. Once I acquired everything, I sent it to Accurate Ordnance for the build. 3 months later, they gave me a buzz letting me know it was done, but I had to wait a day as they were finishing up doing a photo shoot of it. I was very impressed with their work and the shear beauty of the rifle. If I was to have another long range hunting rifle built, I would not change a thing. It is stunning.

Below are the components of the build and the prices I paid. These are honest what I paid for prices not retail BS. As you will see, I got some really good deals on things, but the overall cost was still staggering. Guess those Benjamin’s here and there add up before you know it. Anyway, I have receipts of everything if anyone cares to see them.

Every single component used in the build is brand spanking new. I wanted the gun to be solid and withstand the elements. After much research, I decided that 25” was the shortest length I wanted to go with for a 300WM round. The GAP camo stock is hard to come by, especially at what I bought it for. The Timney trigger is amazing and I got them to do the thin shoe as normally Timney Shoes are very wide and can be awkward. The Stiller Action is amazing and is glass smooth and very tight. It closes like a Vault as does the door for the bottom metal. The NightForce is stunning, and is new with box, instructions, warranty ect…You must see this rifle in person to appreciate.

I am looking to sell this rifle as I just bought land two weeks ago in the north GA mountains, so I have no need for anything long range. I also bought a new car this week, so I am looking to sell the rifle to buy some custom made wheels for it. That being said, I am not interested in any trades and I am not interested in parting anything out. Like I said, it’s a new rifle, I have never even chambered a round in it. Save yourself $1k and 8+ months.

As for the price… I will take a $800+ hit, to liquidate and sell fast. I would imagine it should go fast as all my liquidation sales do…

$4800 FIRM, for everything.

Items I bought including shipping.

McMillan A3 R700 LA, Rem Varmint, BDL , GAP camo *Very Hard to source, 6month leadtime* (665)

Nightforce NXS Scope 3.5-15x50 .250 MOA MOAR (1620)

Nightforce NXS SunShade (30)

Bartein Barrel .300x.308, 5R Rifling, 1-10 Twist, SS. (S/N: BY43010) *Rare to find in stock* (360)

Sunny Hill made to order Bottom Metal SS #517 Rem TGA, Mag Box, Spring, Follower, Action Screws * Best bottom metal money can buy, closes like a vault* (255)

Seekins Precision rings, 30mm Medium (.87”) 4 Screw Scope Rings (140)

Harris Benchrest Swiveling Bipod (145)

JP Large-Profile Compensator (Stainless) (110)

AO Shipping of components (45)

Accurate Ordnance Parts and Work

Stiller Precision TAC300 action. Includes pinned recoil lug. (950)

Stiller Precision 20-MOA base for TAC300 action. Standard Length. (75)

Customer supplied Bartlein barrel .30 blank (0)

Thread, chamber and install barrel blank onto bolt-action receiver; finish length 25"; 300 Win Mag caliber. (300)

Thread muzzle for suppressor or other muzzle device. Includes all common thread patterns. 5/8x24 (100)

Customer supplied muzzle brake. (0)

Time muzzle device such as flash suppressor or brake. (25)

Install muzzle brake - includes boring open apertures on gunsmith model brake; Chamfer. (25)

Customer supplied McMillan A3 stock (0)

Customer supplied Sunny Hill BDL bottom metal assembly (0)

Bed Stock with pillars (235)

Thin shoe Timney trigger; replacement for Remington 700 actions; right-hand with safety and bottom bolt release (135)

Installation and setting of aftermarket trigger on bolt-action receiver. Includes function and safety testing. Tune to 2.5lbs (25)

Coat all metal on bolt-action rifle build. Includes barreled action, bottom metal/trigger guard, studs, base. Cerakote. Color: Graphite Black (250)

Assembly of bolt-action firearm. Includes complete quality control inspection and testing of every component. (50)

Subtotal (2170)
Sales Tax (81.29)
Total (2251.2)

Grand Total $5620

Selling for $4800 FIRM w/$60 Shipping

My location is Marietta Georgia















Accurate Ordnance Photoshoot with their scope and bi-pod.




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Aug 10, 2014
Marietta, GA
Just weighed it without the bi-pod and it came in at an even 12.0 lbs. The Nightforce weighs 32OZ (2.0lbs) + 4-5onces for the rings, it looks like the rifle alone would weigh around 9lbs 10onces.


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Jun 27, 2013
These guys build very fine rifles. I've NEVER heard of or seen anything less than stellar fit and finish and most importantly ACCURATE. Great guys to boot....

John McKim

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Aug 31, 2014
I see you added Pictures to this post. I have tried to contact you about this rifle several times last time you should check your replies

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