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Jim the Plumber17

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Oct 21, 2007
I'm building a new medium weight hunting rifle for everything from rockchucks to elk. This will not be a high volume rifle for the varmint end nor long range for the elk, but do want to go to 600+ on deer size game. I am building it on a Remington 700 left hand long action with a .473 bolt and as such I want to stay with one of the folowing calibers: 30-06, 280Rem, 6.5-06. I have a McMillan Edge stock. I will have a 23" #3 or #4 barrel plus a brake. My thoughts on the calibers, 30-06 for nostalga, the 6.5-06 'cause I have a ton of bullets, the 280? Don't know about this one but it seems like a good compromise..
All will work. I like the 6.5 and shoot and hunt with a 6.5-284 but not my 1st choice out past 600. If you don't want to open the bolt face and stick with one of the three, I would go 280AI since Nosler makes brass it would be easy and It's a great cartridge.
I love the 280 AI, 7mm JRS and 7mm Gibbs. But with the short 23" barrel I think you would do better with a larger cailber. I think the 30 Gibbs would do very well for you. All you can get out of a blown out 30-06 case. My sister in law just got a beautiful 10 point mulie with hers yesterday. I did hers on a 20" light sporter barrel and it shoots extremely well. My son's is on a 26" barrel and gives 300 wsm velocities.
OOPS I didn't see the 23" barrel. I would look for at least 26" in the 280 AI.

My 1st choice in a short barrel would be the 7-08 which I feel is under estimated. They work well in a 22" barrel short action. But since you are using a long action I would also give a long throat 284 Win a hard look, launching a 175.
The 280 will do it all easily.
Shot a rifle this past month in 280 Rem with Holland's Radial brake and it was an easy shooter from the prone position. Watched a 2nd shot connection on a pd @ 800 yards.
I would highly suggest the 284 Win, you can seat the bullets out further with the long action, throat the chamber so you can get all the case capacity and with the 162gr. A-Max I'm pretty sure that 600 yards should be no problem! the short barrel well I'd like to see a 26" barrel but some powder change ups and you should still be ok. I love mine but it does a number on critters! Later,

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