New Bow, Bowtech!!

Discussion in 'Equipment Discussions' started by Nicholas, Jul 29, 2002.

  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Well-Known Member

    Dec 15, 2001
    I just got a new Bowtech Patriot and man is it a sweet bow. I have been shooting it all week. Very fast and very accurate, no vibration and I haven't put a stabilizer on it yet or limb savers.

    I sited it in at 20 yards and from 5-30 yards I can use the same pin, very flat shooting, no more than a 2 inch change in point of impact.

    I am having a great time shooting it in my yard, why didn't you bowhunters tell us how fun it is to be able to shoot anytime you want??

    I just got an archery mule deer tag and am really excited to take it in the field.

    I also got a Bull Elk rifle tag. Wish me luck guys.