New 7 mag


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Jan 29, 2017
Cool looking piece! looks like they put the bolt on backwards though, I'd ask about that;)
I have three rifles that way as well:eek:. Maybe we had the same smith??? they seem to shoot WAY better than the ones I have with it on the other side though:D:D:D Great looking rifle by the way, I hope it will serve you well!!!

Don A Parsons

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Aug 12, 2016
Some Where in America
Beautiful looking rifle R-14,,, I bet it's a dream come true...

My PRS rifle with the Pacific Tool & Gauge bolt is a straight handle like yours,,, super fast and smooth,,, I ordered it that way too allow for full grip of the stock,,, folks that don't use straight shank bolts for full palm grip stocks don't under stand this since they haven't been around the block yet... Ha

If a person wants a tapped back handle on their full pistol grip stocks,,, then by all means have at it...

The first thing you """might""" notice is the tear-drop or handle head will will take up some realastate where the shooting hand is suppose to be,,, the best way is to eliminate hand to bolt handle contact is run it straight,,, the photo of the action shows that it's a straight 90 degree throw like most bench rest,,, PRS,,, and F Class rigs along with hunting rifles...

I use my 3rd finger on the trigger as the other forward fingers cycle the bolt,,, alot like the minute-man idea for military training when I'm getting the shots off fast...

I'm not sure if I shared the charging bear practic on this forum or not... LOL...

Either you like the straight shank idea our you don't,,, I like the idea of them as it prevents the handle from interfering with my pistol grip hand,,, I blame my Pops for giving me Grizzly Bear paws when I was born... Ha

Cheers from the North

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