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Nov 8, 2009
Timber Lake, South Dakota
Hey guys,
I'm new to this forum and new to wildcatting. I have considerable experience hand loading for the more standard calibers. (since 1990) I recently ordered a new barrel for my T/C Encore. 6mm-06 AI 1-12 twist 28" BBL lenth from Match Grade Machining Inc. I asked that the throat be set up to shoot 75gr bullets with the ability to come close to the lands. I know that the barrel life isn't extremely long and that doesn't concern me. I am wondering what to expect however and how to go about things. What dies to purchase and tips on fire forming the brass. I've FF'd 7-30 Waters and I have had good luck there. This will be much hotter and interesting to say the least.
Thanks all advice welcome.

Please report how it shoots, loads, speeds, etc! I was looking into doing this exact same thing but couldn't find any information anywhere on it.
I'm not getting a lot of feedback Greywolf18. I don't think there are a lot of guys shooting it. I have a little time still before they start making my barrel and I'm wondering now if I should try something else that there is a little more info available for.

This might be a little late... 6mmx06 is a fine cartridge'..., I always liked the .240 Wby Mag... It's ballistic twin, and have found it a very good Yote/Deer popper. Personally, I think the twist and the bullets weight your wanting to shoot is a little weak for such a great long range cartridge… if you want a true Varminter buy a .220 Swift or a .223 WSSM. And as for barrel life, well…. I believe that will depend more on how you treat it. Me.... I think I'd add just a little more barrel so I could set it back in the future, one or two more times, especially if it turns out to be a real shooter.
Die's and other kit'…, along with preparation is pretty much up to you, buy what you think you can afford. Case preparation equipment maybe where to want to spend the bucks for a cartridge like the 6mmx06

Check with the guy's that are shooting the 6mmx284 Win see what they like for their rifle, it's another ballistic twin; you can pretty much follow suit.
Good luck
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You can't set back an Encore Barrel "436".

Your choice of twist tells me that this will be a straight up medium range varmint barrel. I would pick a twist that would stabilize the 105 AMAX or some of the Berger VLD's to stretch out the range and have the high b.c. for the windage while being able to retain the ability to shoot the 75's. I'm thinking a 1 in 9ish.
Thanks for all of that! It sounds like the consensus is 9 or 10 twist. I'm willing to call and change it because I was shooting in the dark when I ordered it. I already have a 22-250 so I don't need another med range varm shooter. My goal is to get out past 1K with it. If you can think of anything else, let me know.


Oop's... what! the hell!! was I thinking of ? Thank Crane, I started typing; in a hurry and lost track that he'd mentioned it was a T/C. I'll be a little more carful the next time.
Sorry roaddog1m
I need to slow down for sure, well some of the information usable ... ? I hope. :rolleyes::)
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