New 338 Edge +P

257 STW

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Feb 3, 2021
SW Idaho

I would call this rifle a success!
Have been working up what I consider a decent load, and havent shot anything besides steel to 500 after load development. Yesterday afternoon I decided to actually just go and shoot it. I started with a clean bore. Fired 2 foulers and went to 500 for a 3 shot group. It measured 2.6 and feel I may not have broke the 3rd shot as well as I could have but not complaining. Went to 1000. Didnt group it but went 3 for 3 on the gong. Cool. I thought, lets have some fun so I went to 1200. Again, no group but 3 for 3 on gong. I only have one distance left where I shoot, and one round left in the box. Why not? Yep! First round hit at 1605.
Defensive Edge and Shawn have done it again! Thank you!
338 Edge +P
30" 9 twist Hart
300 Berger OTM
Seems to be pretty happy at 2915