New 300 WM —How to find “THE”bullet


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Apr 22, 2019
I'm new here and absorbing this thread like a sponge please keep it coming gents. I'm sure the OP is taking it all in , as well. Thanks!

Don Titus

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Jan 11, 2013
with the 1:8 twist go with the long heavies with high BC's. Might even try the heavy new A-tip. Most 300 WMs are 1:10
My Rem 700 in 300 WM with 1-10” twist shoots Berger HT 215’s and Hornady 212 ELDX just fine...but it shoots Hammer 181’s and Barnes TSX even better ...on average...just saying...”just fine means groups are usually around 1/2”, and invariably under 1”, if I do my part...”better” =‘s between .141” and usually well under 1/2”, again if I do my part.


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Mar 23, 2012
Ok guys here’s an update.
Browning Xbolt extreme long range max. 300 WM
Berger 215 grn hybrid
Federal brass
Federal 215 primers
3.600–. Magazine length
H1000 77 gr
Shot with LabRadar
3 shot group 2940 FPS
ES is 2 SD is 1.1
Group size is about 1”. I’m still not comfortable with this new trigger, but I think I found my load!!!!
BTW—I shot the group twice with the same results. I didn’t think this was possible!!
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