New .280 build, opinions please


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Jan 21, 2010
Salisbury Maryland
Well, I'm about to put together a 280 rem . Not in AI. Don't want to fool with fire forming, or expensive brass.
I will be acquiring a Brux #4 contour barrel, and have 99% decided to use a model 670 Winchester as the sacrifice gun. The 670 is just a economy grade of a standard M70, that they used to offers years ago. The action is mint. Actually, the whole gun is in great shape, and is presently in 30-06.
Anyway, my dilemma, and it's really not a major one, but am trying to decide on barrel length. The barrel I will be getting, can potentially finish at 27 in. But this is a non magnum cartridge. I was thinking of 25.5 to 26 in.
Secondarily, as all of us know, Remington actions are easy to get about any stock configuration you want, but not so for a LONG action push feed M70 . I have plenty of time on the secondary issue, but the barrel length issue has me second guessing myself every time I think about it .
I had a wonderful shooting 280 years ago, and tough times paid a visit, and I had to let it go. Haven't been able to find one to replace it, so I'm going to build one. Looking forward to the advice. If this was a magnum build, I probably would go the whole 27 finish, but don't think I need it for this. OPINIONS PLEASE !!!! Thanks