New 22, what ammo to try?


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Nov 24, 2016
Rio Rancho NM
Got a new cz457 22lr 16.5” barrel running a vx6hd 3-18 on it and thunderbeast 22 takedown suppressor. Got federal good match, some gemtech and few other match 22s sitting around. Just looking for pointers on beat ammo to try. Any help would be appreciated!
I like Eley tenex but it’s pretty expensive. Cci green tag is pretty good, and federal match is pretty good at 50 yards and under (lot of velocity variance compared to Tenex, but it’s also a lot cheaper)
Eley edge is what I use in my cz455 for matches
I tested all the eley and a bunch of other match ammo. Really the only way to know
SK shot pretry good in the CZ I had, they have the Match version and also an long range one that shot very well.

Aguila Rifle Match shoots great in my Anchutz along with Federal Gold Medal Match.

Eley and RWS also group very well, just more expensive.

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If you are wanting a small game hunting load try CCI Subsonic HP ammo.
I have a CZ457 with 24 1/2 barrel and it shoots the CCI Subsonic right with Eley Subsonic.
CCI is about 1/2 the price.
I know you wont believe it but the armscor ammo shoots great out of my 22lr as well as certain lots of wolf match ammo
Due to the current ammo emergency that has severely impacted the availability of .22 LR ammunition, consumers often or usually are restricted to .22LR ammunition currently on stock at various retail outlets or on-line outlets. (.22 LR tough to find so grab what is there)

.22 LR Blazers have always worked well for me up to 50 yards or so - real cheap about $25-$30/500, if avail. For improved accuracy go for the high grades of match ammo that your rifle/chamber likes. Many different brands - when avail, sample, then buy 1,000 or 2,000 (2-4 bricks) or so. The high price stuff costs over $25 per 50. My rifle likes sub sonic RWS Rifle Match .22LR, not that bad at just over $80 per/500. Bullet profiles (shapes) differ like CCI standard velocity compared to Blazer and your rifle chamber might have a preference.
Mine likes Lapua Center X but does well with CCI Target and just about any target ammo.