Never Spoil your Bird Dog!

Hey, my big tough bird dog ready for her morning nap 6BC7E3A8-37EE-4FE9-8869-5201B4E70CBC.jpeg
She’s really calm and chill in the house, but when it’s time to hunt she becomes a real bird dog again. I’m picking up another Brittany pup this week. Can’t wait! A very well bred pup, pretty sure she’s going to be a rock star too.
Take Care
I’ve always kept my dog indoors since I feel that you and the dog get a better understanding of each other’s personality.
With that being said I think there’s nothing wrong with keeping a dog outside in a kennel if it’s clean and has shelter for inclement weather. This isn’t what I consider mistreatment or abuse. No water, lack of feeding and neglect are!
This is just my opinion and of course everyone has one.
When I had field dogs I never looked at them as just meat gathering tools to be let out only to be used in that manner for that purpose. I feel sorry for dogs that are kept apart from the humans from whom they want affection and closeness. I feel sorry for the people who do it because of what they are missing out on in their lives. This is also just my opinion.
She doesn’t get around well anymore but Daisy will drop and roll over on her back and play dead if you point your finger at her and yell BANG! She won’t move a muscle until you say good girl and give her one of those pill pockets with her meds inside. Shhhh


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So when I was growing up most bird dogs stayed outside, were fed table scraps and cheap dog food. They certainly weren’t spoiled. So here's what happens in my house now. This is my soon to be 13 year old Brit. She’s an incredible bird dog, I’ll hunt her half days this year and it’ll probably be her last big hunting year.
Take Care
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I have a soon to be 12 yr. old and he is so active and loves to hunt , they are such a great breed.